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Improve your listening, Improve your speaking, Improve your vocabulary

This course is designed to enable you to speak English better.

This course has some dummy information to guide the creation of this series of courses.

This research-driven course will focus on developing innovation and creativity as catalysts for new research into new theoretical models as well as techniques for improving learning opportunities in both institutional and non-institutional settings. To this end, it will encourage students to review current educational contexts, question current dominant models of (language) learning/teaching, identify and examine new ones and develop their own. Importantly, it will draw on interdisciplinary areas such as brain research and perception and awareness studies as well as modern intellectual directions such as critical theory and postmodern thought to guide its development. It will also draw on the great potential of modern technology both to support learning/teaching and to investigate it (especially through its potential to offer new ways of thinking about language education

Academic Study Skills Course from SUT: Punyathon Sangarun and Andrew Lian