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A language learning website for university, college and high school students as well as learners with professional aspirations.


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Languages for Professionals

This website is designed with current or future professionals in mind. In general, we expect our learners to be high school students, university or college students and adults with professional aspirations. We also expect that they will have at least a basic knowledge of the language they wish to study. The website is not designed for complete beginners.

While we focus on languages for the professions such as the Healthcare professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical aides, secretaries and related administrative staff) or Tourism and Hospitality (even taxi drivers), we will also provide less specialised language necessary for normal communication between people (such as the most useful 1500 words of English). So, the website is useful for everyone although many of the topics chosen for study will refer to specific professions.

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The Programs we Teach

Currently, we are focusing on English for Professionals at two levels (early intermediate and intermediate-advanced). We will be adding other languages over time and will also be targetting specific student populations such as Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese. For details of what we teach, click the red title above.


On-Line Learning

Study your chosen languages On-Line, from the convenience of your home or office, using the latest Computer-based Delivery and the most advanced teaching approaches. Learning online has many other advantages to offer and, in many ways, can support learning better than face-to-face teaching.


One-on-One Classes

Face-to-face classes are held in A&P Villa, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, a beautiful building just a stone's throw from Suranaree University of Technology. If you live in Thailand or are visiting, please feel free to use the Contact Us form to arrange a meeting with our expert staff.


Individualized Programs

We are both teachers and researchers and have developed many new ideas based on modern research into language learning. Importantly, this includes Precision Language Education that we were the first to write about in the world. We will use the principles of Precision Language Education to work with you on a one-to-one basis to develop a special program for you to achieve your personal language goals.


Highly Qualified Teachers

All teachers are highly experienced and formally qualified. Most have Master degrees, some have PhDs.


Academic Editing and Teacher Education

In addition to teaching languages for proficiency, we offer a range of language services. We are accomplished language researchers and have published hundreds of academic articles. We can help lecturers and graduate students not only with their writing but with their theoretical and practical studies as well so as to help them produce high-quality articles and theses.

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